Best Water Purification Systems

You have just found one of the most comprehensive (perhaps the most comprehensive) website about water purification systemsfor use in the home. Maybe you’re just like me who cares a lot about getting safe and clean water. I have tried different purification systems for both health and for economic reasons.

Here’s one thing that I can tell you, once you have tried real clean and pure water you’ll never settle for any other water ever again. Yes, you won’t even bother lining up to buy bottled water. The water you get from your water purifier system will be all you need.

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From Good Old Customer Experience

Of course, not all water treatment systemsare the same. Trust me; I have tried a lot of them. The water quality in our neighborhood is quite okay but it isn’t at par with the quality of water in other states. It is no secret that different governments set different water quality standards.

In fact, I’m not alone when it comes to testing different purification systems. All my neighbors have used a wide variety of products and systems – some worked and have become our neighborhood favorites. In my experience, we can point out which water purification system works and which ones are lemons.

What I’m offering here is a collection of information and customer experience about the different brands and products out there. I’m not only offering my own customer experience, I’m also offering a collective experience from friends and family who had the same drinking water issues as well. The following are some of the things we recommend that your water filtration system should include:

Water Softeners

NuvoH20 Softeners

NuvoH20 Home Water Softeners

Have you ever taken a shower using cold hard water? I have. The sediment build up in our water heater and pipes were just so bad last year that it broke down. Apparently, the water softener we bought was no longer reducing the amount of metal cations in our home’s water (e.g. magnesium and calcium).

That was one of the worst showers I have ever had. The water was sort of sticky, the soap didn’t lather, and the water was really cold. In case you’re designing your home water purification set up, don’t forget to include water softeners.

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Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters

Watts RO System

Watts Premier RO System

Another important part of any set up are RO filters. They are responsible for producing highly pure water. However, in order for these filters to work at their best, they need to work in tandem with water softeners.

Water Distillers

Another important part of any water filter system is a water distiller. There are people who take extra care with regard to the water they drink. Just remember that distillation is not a chemical process but a physical process (i.e. it uses boiling). I don’t find distillers necessary but a lot of people use them so I had to make an entire section about them.

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Water Ionizers

No water filtration system is ever complete without water ionizers. They get rid of many contaminants such as parasites, chlorine, heavy metals, and many more. They make your water healthier and safer to drink.

Product Reviews

As you can see, I have provided several product review sections. I’ll relate my own experience about these different products too. I’ll tell you which products are bad and which items to include in your water purification systems.